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Welcome to Univertron AB!

We have not translate our homepage in complete yet.
But in short...

We are a small company based in south of Sweden. Our main customer group are in Sweden, but we also have some customers around in Europe.
We do electronics! Our main focus is on Primary switching power supplies and small embedded systems such as custom PLC and control systems.
But we have broad range of projects, such as mp3 players, HF-distribution,
LED-lighting, measurment systems and much more.

- Design
- Shematics
- Layout
- Programming for embedded systems
- Mecanical drawings
- EMC precompliance measurments

- Prototypes
- Small, medium and large series
- Just PCB or a complete product
- Certified soldering according to FSD5115

What can we do for you?
Just give us a call or send a mail.

Phone +46 40 485 232

E-mail: info@univertron.com

Univertron AB
Gamla Landsvägen 5
235 99 Vellinge





  Updated 2010-04-17