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Hi! I'm Mikael Hansson, founder and CEO / CTO at Univertron AB.
I started up my first one man company 1990 working with maintenance in audio studios
and also did some custom built audio equipment.

I got employed at a company as a electronics designer and moved
to Skåne county in the most south part of Sweden.

I started up my own again helping customers with electronics design and production.

I transformed into a limited company.
The the company grew slowly and at 2013 we where 8 employees.
After that due to family issues I scaled down to a minimum.

I started up again at new location in Knislinge in the north of Skåne county.
Now we are two full time working in the company.

I think a good long term cooperation is the best for all parts.
We have customers that we have worked with for almost 20 years!
That may indicate that we don't leave our customers behind.

Univertron AB
Lejongatan 10
289 33 Knislinge
Contact: info@univertron.com
Economy: invoice@univertron.com
Webmaster: web@univertron.com
Telephone: +46 (0)40 485 232
Cell phone: +46 (0)70 593 35 73