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    - PCB assembly both in house machines and assembly in China.
    - Test and firmware loading.
    - Box and cabinet assembly.
    - Mechanics processing through partner.
    - Volume from a few prototypes to thousands, depending on complexity.
    - Ventilated cabinet for lacquer, coating and other fume generating process.

    Design and development:
    - Power electronics.
    - Analogue, digital and mixed mode designs.
    - Sensors, controllers, motor drivers, medical, industrial, consumer and more..
    - Schematic and layout in Altium designer or Edwin.
    - In house EMC pre compliance equipment for early checking.
    - Mechanical designs and drawings in NanoCad (Autocad compatible).
    - C programming for embedded systems.
    - Consulting and design review.

    Machines and tools:
    - LCM SMD pick and place machine.
    - LCM SMD solder oven.
    - Solder paste screening machine.
    - JBC soldering stations, both hot air and standard soldering pens.
    - ESD protection on working surfaces. Wooden floor and benches for low charging.
    - Power analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, signal generators, loads
      temperature meters, thermal imaging and more that is needed for test and development.
    - Temperature test chamber.
    - Test chamber for gas measurements.

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