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Q: Why should I use Univertron and not the big company that produce for ABB and Apple?
A: If you not gonna produce millions of units they are probably not interested, so there is many advantages.
     We are extremely flexible, we are design engineers so we easy solve problem, we
     can produce also low volume and prototypes.

Q: What kind of designs can you do?
A: Almost any! As senior engineer we can handle pure analogue designs as
     well as digital and mixed designs. Just a part or complete product. Power electronics, motor controllers,
     sensors, radio, lighting products and high voltage is some that is on our menu.

Q: I have a hand drawn sketch of a schematic, can you help with CAD drawings?
A: Absolute! We make CAD drawings for both schematic and layout, from simple single
     sided to multi layer HDI boards in (almost) any technology.
     We can also help you with component selection and design review.

Q: What CAD systems are you using?
A: For electronics we use Altium designer, we also have Edwin.
     For mechanics we use Nanocad (Autocad compatible)

Q: Where do you have production?
A: We have in house machines for low and medium volume. We also cooperate with a company
     in China since 10 years. We always do final assembly and programming / testing in house.

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Q: What CPU:s are you using?
A: We have used a lot of Atmel / Microchip AVR, but also STM32 and ESP32
     But if the solution requires some other it is not a problem.

Q: Do you have any experience of medical technology?
A: Yes we have done medical electronics that requires MOPP safety.
     We don't have EN13485 certification but have been working a lot according to it.

Q: Do you have experience of automotive?
A: We have done some project for automotive, so we are familiar with the demands. But no big projects yet.

Q: Can you help us with design review?
A: Yes! We also do consultant assignment where design reviews are quite common.

Q: You are a high tech company, why are your homepage so simple?
A: You didn't had to accept cookies, right? And honestly, does an animated menu makes you happier?
      (and web page coding is not our main branch :-) )

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